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ISO 9001 2008 Awareness Training

Before implementing anything new in your organization it is very important that your employees are aware of what is happening. What usually happens is that ISO 9001 ( or any other standard) is implemented with only some people involved in it and most of the employees are not sure what is happening.

In order to successfully implement ISO 9001 in your organization it is very important that employees at all levels are aware about the ISO 9001 standard and its requirements.

If this is not done, employees will be filling up documents without understanding why it is done. The success of implementing a system lies in making everyone aware why it is important to document what they are doing. This also improves the interaction between the employees and they can also contribute positively in developing and optimizing documents for the ISO 9001 system and thus reducing paperwork.

It may not be possible to send each and everyone for training to understand the requirements of the standard. So it would be advisable that somebody competent (MR or Quality Manager) within the organization deliver trainings to all employees. A simple, easy to understand ISO 9001 2008 awareness training material is made available here. For any clarifications and comments you can email to

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5s Training

For those who are not familiar with the term 5S and how it can help your business, here is a little information about how you can make your work environment your greatest weapon. The 5S system is a part of the larger Kaizen philosophy that advocates continuous improvement. 5S in particular ensure your work environment is clean and conducive for productive work.

We provide 5S training and ensure that you can apply it to your business to achieve good results. The 5Ss stand for Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. It may sound very easy but putting the process in place takes some amount of discipline and dedication. Minimum enrolment of candidates should be above Ten 10 nos. To get best quote call ISO Beacon.

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